'Cooped Up' | Post Malone | Submitted Treatment

This is a treatment for Post Malone's 'Cooped Up', released in May 2022, submitted to his management.

This treatment was submitted to Post Malone’s management but recieved after the official music video was shot and now serves as a ‘spec’ treatment for the record.


Creative Director


Treatment Summary


This record is a proclamation of resurgence – a stake in the ground to say ‘I’m returning’. It speaks of resurfacing after being ‘Cooped Up’ and alludes to the next chapter of Post’s music progression.

The concept of this music video tells the narrative of resurfacing to the world from a lavish doomsday nuclear bunker, only to find it vast and empty on the surface.

It reflects the spacious and cavernous music production and the reverbed vocals—a singular voice in a lonely but opulent existence underground, sheltered from the world.

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