'Realign' | Henry Green

The concept for 'Realign' stemed from the metaphorical idea of being in a desert, lost and seeking an oasis - that search for inner peace and contentment.

The record is expansive and full of drive, it’s a song that captures a journey, an inner search for contentment. The music video is the perfect continuation of that inner world which can be desolate, unforgiving and endless, much like the desert and mountains featured in the video.

It was important that this journey felt human, and who better to play that human than Henry himself. The concept for the video centres on Henry as he progresses, challenged by the terrain he encounters.


Creative Director




The Concept

Shot on location entirely in Fuertaventura, Canary Islands, it is one of the few locations in political Europe that offers the look and feel of the Sahara.

The juxtaposed extreme and expansive terrains became the second character in this narrative, offering unpredictable, remarkable, and metaphorical visuals.

The desert, constantly in a state of change as the sands forever reinvent – flowing, barren and endless. The mountains and canyons presenting a different challenge to overcome – rugged, volcanic and formidable.

As Henry gets closer to finding peace, the desert opens to the ocean where he finds release and clarity.



Writer, Director + Editor:
Josh Aarons

Director of Photography + Stills:
Hattie Ellis

Camera Operator:
James Norden

Henry Green

Additional visuals completed for track release, and Max Cooper Remix